Crosslinking is a process that forms a three-dimensional polymer network by chemical reaction into PmB. Hence, storage stability of modified bitumen is highly improved. When only a linear SBS was usable, it becomes possible to use a radial SBS.

Our crosslinkers are using sulphur as crosslinker agent. They are designed to control the emission of the sulphur species generated during the crosslinking, to ensure the safety of the operators, and to limit the risks during bitumen modification.

ValoChem range of crosslinkers, named ValoCrossTM, offers several advantages:

Binder properties:

  • Improved storage stability
  • Better rutting resistance
  • Higher elastic recovery and Ring&Ball temperature

Application benefits:

  • Liquid or solid additives depending on your facilities
  • Enhanced low temperature (Bending Beam Rheometer) and rutting (Multiple Stress Creep Recovery) behavior
  • Reduce significantly the required quantity of elastomer by maintaining elastic properties, leading to a reduction of the overall cost of PmB with respect to raw materials.

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