Hydrogen sulphide scavengers (H2S)

Hydrogen sulphide (H2S) is a gas naturally present in many of the world's petroleum crudes. During the refining process, the sulphur naturally present is progressively concentrated, which regularly results in distillation residues loaded with sulphur or related molecules. H2S is therefore present in the gaseous atmosphere above all bitumen, in varying concentrations.

An additional factor in the emission of H2S in the case of bituminous binders is that, because of their viscosity, they are used (produced, transported, modified and applied) at temperatures high enough to induce thermal degradation of the sulphur molecules present.

During production of polymer modified bitumen, H2S emissions (hydrogen sulphide) can be released, affecting operators' safety.

ValoChem range of scavengers, called ValoScavTM, traps these poisonous emissions inside the bitumen, significantly reducing the HSE risks related to these hazardous particles. They offer several advantages:

  • Liquid or solid additives depending on your facilities
  • Non-reversible, rapid and selective reaction without impact on bitumen properties
  • High scavenging effect even with low rate of use.

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