Our values constantly drive our work and our relationships with our customers and partners.

We are constantly listening to our customers’ needs and difficulties. This feeds up our innovation projects that we carry out with our partners. Thus we can provide new solutions meeting actual and future expectations.
Our job is not limited to advice and recommendations of use of our products based solely on performance data. We also propose technical support under the form of laboratory formulation study completed by field support, both at the factory and on the worksite.
Our partners, researchers, industrial or service providers, are recognized for the quality of their products and services.
Once the solution is validated and implemented, the support and follow-up is guaranteed by our sales team. It is backed up especially by an efficient logistic network throughout Europe and abroad in order to ensure the reactivity that fits as much as possible to your needs.
We participate to the development of technologies more respectful of environment and social requirements. This includes among others reduction of temperature of application, old pavement recycling, optimized use of local raw material, improvement of bitumen durability.